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Swart International, a well organized company, was established in 1990, in the Netherlands, not far from the port of Rotterdam.
We are a growing and developing company. All of our products are high quality.
We import from all over the world, the Far East, Europe, USA, Africa and Australia.
Our export is concentrated in Middle East and West Africa, to small distributors.
Food and confectionary, beverages, non food products which are associated to the food industry and cleaning detergent.
We do productions of cookies and chocolate related products in Netherlands ,Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Korea and China.
We are always looking for innovation and new opportunities (suppliers and products) in order to bring products of the newest and best quality we can.
We would be more than happy to stand at your service, and answer any question if raises.

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Swart International
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)78 647 3883
Email: yael@swart-international.com